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by John Schuyler
Decision Precision

Decision Analysis Briefing 1/2 to 1 day

For managers and executives. Discussion of decision policy, decision analysis key concepts. Measuring shareholder value creation in economic evaluation and representing on the  executive dashboard. How to interpret the results of a decision analysis. Implementation, delegation, and team-analysis issues.

Petroleum Risk and Decision Analysis 5 days, a PetroSkills-OGCI course, taught over 180 times in over 30 countries since 1990.

Advanced Decision Analysis with Portfolio and Project Modeling 5 days, an OGCI course

Decision Analysis Workshops typically 1 day

Decision Analysis in Projects 2 to 5 days
Business Risks and Decision Analysis 2 to 5 days

Featuring John Schuyler's book:
Risk and Decision Analysis in Projects, 2nd Edition
published by Project Management Institute (2001).

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Information about the author and instructor, John Schuyler


Project Evaluation and Planning Assistance

Facilitating the project team evaluation. Also suitable for training a small group. This approach is suited to time-urgent situations where results and hands-on experience are needed quickly. Decision analysis concepts are explained along the way.

Economic Evaluation

Feasibility studies, project and asset valuation. Assistance in corporate planning, mergers and acquisitions, and negotiation support. Expert testimony. Reviewing and tuning corporate decision policy.

Software Development

Assistance in upgrading, designing and developing software for corporate planning and economic evaluation. Substantial library of program code and spreadsheet templates developed across the years. Potential assistance in modeling major projects, industries and markets, R&D and asset portfolios, competitive bids, reengineering projects, and other dynamic systems in business.

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