Murphy's Revenge

Finally! A way to creatively and consistently manage project risks and opportunities.


Risks abound. Things can go wrong. Time is not on your side. How can you deal with all of the possibilities?

Fortunately, there are now techniques and software to help immunize your project against the ravages of Murphy's Law.

Decision Precision provides training and software tools for project risk management -- a proactive, problem-solving approach for evaluating contingencies. Actions can be taken before Murphy's Law takes effect.

The decision techniques provide logical, consistent ways for:

The techniques are straightforward and easily applied ... frequently using only a hand calculator.


* Economic Evaluation under Uncertainty (project feasibility, evaluating alternatives, bidding and negotiation, etc.) and
* Project Risk Management

Decision analysis techniques can be used without a computer for many everyday decisions; optional software is available for program and portfolio management and larger problems.

Follow-on implementation assistance supplements training, including phone/fax/e-mail support.

Decision analysis won't eliminate risks, but it does provide assurance of the best choice with the information available at the time.


Training provides class participants with a practical working knowledge of Decision Analysis in Projects, 2nd Edition by John Schuyler,  (Project Management Institute, 2001).

 The classes can optionally include hands-on use of low-cost personal computer software such as:

These seminars are normally held in your facility or a location convenient for your company. We can customize the seminar for your particular project or business environment.

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