"A good science and engineering decision is a good business decision."

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Petroleum Risks and Decision Analysis

Econ. Evaluation of Prospects & Producing Properties

Advanced Decision Analysis with Portfolio and Project Modeling
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In ADA You Will Learn

ADA=Advanced Decision Analysis with Portfolio and Project Modeling

More Practice and Review

  • Working with the four primary probability rules and three types of probabilities
  • Modeling simple correlation between pay zones, related projects and similar situations
  • Modeling and solving value of information problems
  • Additional practice in problem framing and structuring, especially with influence diagrams

More-Advanced Concepts

  • Shareholder value perspective as the basis for decision policy
  • Applying risk policy as a utility function
  • Awareness of multi-attribute utility and multi-objective decision making
  • Hands-on experience with example decision tree and Monte Carlo simulation software
  • Good modeling and documentation practice (with Excel modeling in the course)
  • Detailed portfolio modeling and optimization concepts and exercises

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