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About Coaching for SuccessÔ

We are an alliance of management consultants, trainers and accountants who have organized around a shared belief in the power of Open Book Management (OBM). We understand how businesses work and what it takes to be successful. Our priority and focus is helping clients get results.

Members of Coaching for Success average over 25 years professional experience and hold variously the following credentials:

  • founded and operated successful small companies
  • former middle management, Fortune 100 companies
  • appraised over $10 billion in corporate assets
  • hold advanced degrees in accounting, business administration, and engineering
  • taught in over 34 countries on six continents
  • professionally certified: CAM, CCE, CMA, CMCs, CPAs, CPIM, CVA, DRMP, PE, PMP
  • licensed scuba divers
  • wrote over 20,000 lines of computer program code
  • conducted over 400 corporate short-courses
  • written books and over 40 articles published in the business literature

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