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Open Book Management

Open Book Management (OBM) is an emerging approach for
managing businesses and other organizations. Thousands of U.S.
Optimized business performance figure
businesses have adopted this style are running their unique versions.

Elements we believe important to successful OBM are:

  • Trust and access to information [not necessarily all company data, but sufficient information for employees to be productive and proactive in their jobs]
  • Employees sharing in the business outcome, good or bad.
  • Employees understanding the business and increasingly thinking like owners.
  • These features correspond to the attributes suggested by the letters in "Game." Our approach to the "G/AME"™of business is:

    Generating greater value and wealth through
    Access to information about company health and performance,
    Measurable goals with substantial rewards, and
    Education about finance and business fundamentals for everyone.

    The figure at right illustrates the main components of our model. It fosters a culture for a company of businesspeople centered around OBM.

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