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"The Enlightened Manager's Guidebook"

by Abraham H. Maslow, with Deborah Stephens and Gary Heil,
book excerpt in INC., October 1998, pp. 45-51.

When I was in business school, in the 1970's, Abraham Maslow's (1908-70) "hierarchy of needs" was a standard and highly regarded concept in human motivation theory.  Lower-order needs must be satisfied before higher-order needs will motivate people.  The progression works from the bottom up:

5.     Self-actualization (self-fulfillment) needs
4.     Ego needs (self-esteem and the esteem of others)
3.     Social needs (sense of belonging)
2.     Security needs (personal safety)
1.     Physiological needs (food, water, shelter)

In 1962 Maslow spent a summer observing the behavior of work teams at a company called Non-Linear systems.  He pointed out that the most effective personnel policy depends upon the situation.  His journal notes were eventually published in 1965 in a book titled, Eupsychian Management.  It sold poorly (no wonder, with that title) and went out of print.  Is has been embellished and republished as Maslow on Management, 1998, Asbraham H. Maslow, with Deborah Stephens and Gary Heil, John Wiley & Sons.  You can call 800-225-5945 to order a copy.

Here are several of the concepts of "enlightened management" as excerpted in the INC. book review:

On the strength of what the INC. article says, I've added this book to my "buy" list.

—John Schuyler, October 1998

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