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An affiliation of consultants and trainers supporting business by OBM.


Business is a game, a very important one. Knowing the rules makes business more interesting and increases the likelihood and frequency of successes.


Coaching for Success teaches companies how to become better at playing the game of business. We are a diverse group of trainers and consultants who enjoy business it's our hobby as well as vocation. We work with clients who want to create optimal value from their companies and to have some fun along the way. Our group centers around a belief in business literacy culture. Employees can be more effective in their jobs if they learn some business fundamentals and about the processes in their company.


An approach we frequently recommend centers around a tailored "scoreboard," which measures company performance. "Open Book Management" (OBM) is a new name for companies sharing information with employees. Employees become literate in business and learn how to "read" the scoreboard. They also learn how their job affects company performance.

Coaching for Success often assist clients in designing a fun and challenging compensation system around their unique scoreboard. The "game" gives employees a stake in the business outcome, good or bad. This process amplifies company performance as employees begin thinking and caring like owners.

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