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More Warren Buffett books

The Warren Buffet Way: Investment Strategies of the World's Greatest Investor, Robert G. Hagstrom, 1994, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 274p. 0-471-04460-1 (paperback edition, 1997, 0-471-17750-4)

The Warren Buffet Portfolio: Mastering the Power of the Focus Investment Strategy, Robert G. Hagstrom, 1999, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 246 p., ISBN 0-471-24766-9 (paperback edition, 0-471-04460-1)

In shelving The Essential Buffet, I found two more books about Warren Buffet by Robert Hagstrom.  I had read The Warren Buffet Way, several years ago, and somehow missed reading The Warren Buffet Portfolio.

At first, I felt that I had probably already read what this author had to say about the "world's greatest investor." I quickly reviewed my annotations in The Warren Buffet Way and undertook skimming The Warren Buffet Portfolio. I quickly settled into reading the Portfolio with some care.  There isn't that much overlap among the three books.  Perhaps the stories that do overlap are worth the repeat emphasis.

If you are an active investor and self-directed, I think any or all of the three books are worthwhile and entertaining reading.

Here are some summary points about The Warren Buffet Portfolio that I feel are most important:

Here are some summary points about The Warren Buffet Way (1994), Hagstrom's first Buffet book:

—John Schuyler, February 2002.

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